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Nothing makes people run away faster than telling them you’re going to talk about insurance. Well. Nobody reads my blog anyway so here goes a joke/rant that I came up with. The joke/rant explains its own premise so I’ll delay no further:

I receive a letter from my insurance company saying that they’re not going to reimburse me for a doctor’s visit because one of the codes on my claim-form was off.

The correct number was, let’s say 111.1 and I put 111.10

If you know anything about science or math you will know that the two are numerically identical. There is no difference in value between the two. They are exactly the same number, the difference being that in one you are being reminded that zeros go on after we stop writing a number.

It’s interesting to pause and think that you could write the number


this way


No problem. Calculators do that sort of thing all the time and calculators are never wrong.


Well. Calculators sometimes get things wrong. There’s a bug in the programming of a calculator that the manufacturers can’t or won’t fix called “The person using this calculator is an imbecile.” They claim a patch for the bug is in beta but they are not optimistic.

(says the guy who screwed up his insurance forms)

Anyway: I spent hours redoing the insurance forms and when I was done writing


I wanted to make sure they saw that I didn’t put a zero next to it


So i made sure to circle the spot where I didn’t put a zero.

I know it’s a lame joke.